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September News Letter

Welcome To Life Source International Charter School


Dear Parents:

On behalf of the staff, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of our parents and students to Life Source International Charter School for the new school year. We look forward to working closely with you as we provide a challenging educational program for our scholars. I encourage your active support and participation as we seek to provide a positive learning environment for all of our scholars.

Congratulations to all the scholars who met their NWEA benchmark projection. We are very proud of the standard of excellence we have established at Life Source.

Always keep the lines of communication open with the school and reinforce the skills and procedures introduced by the classroom teachers on a daily basis. Please plan to participate in all the parent engagement programs we have scheduled this year, I believe there is something for everyone

I welcome your participation in the school improvement process through the Parent Task Force (PTF). I will communicate continually with you throughout the school year to keep you informed on school initiatives and events. Please refer to our school website for continuous updates of activities and events. Our staff is always available to assist you. Life Source Charter School embraces volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, please complete the volunteer application in the front office 44339 Beech Ave. Lancaster, CA 93536.

Kind Regards,
Deberae Culpepper CEO/Founder
Life Source International Charter School



New Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Please keep your Eye Open for New Information regarding Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures. We will be implementing new procedures to improve the traffic flow and more importantly the safety of our scholars.


New PE Standards

We are implementing new PE and recreational standards for our scholars. We have introduced Recreational Teachers instead of Duty Aides. Each block of scholars is assigned to a specific Recreational Teacher that will implement the PE program two days per week. The scholars are required to participate in the PE activity or they will receive demerits.

The Recreational Teacher is also responsible for coordinating the structured activity and monitoring their block of scholars on the other days. These new standards will start on September 4

Notice to Parents

We would like to encourage you to become more involved in your scholars’ education by checking homework. You can find their homework online at: lifesourcecharterschool.org click on homework and videos.

You can view your scholars’ grades and homework assignments on the Parent Portal. Click on PowerSchool under School Programs located at the bottom of the School website. Don’t forget, you can help your scholar study with their online assignments anytime on StudyIsland. Icon located next to PowerSchool on the school website


Parents can help with Math

Math is around us all the time and in our high tech society everyone needs a strong mouth foundation

One way to help is to take a math walk. When you and your child in your neighborhood

Count the number of animals, birds, fire hydrants, or green cars you see.

Count anything

Estimate how far you walk

Look for geometric shapes around you like windows and stop signs

Take advantage of the math around you.

Uniform Policy

Please Remember That…

We are a Family, We are a Team

Life Source Uniform Policy helps us look the part.

See the front office if you have any uniform needs


Thank You and have a great month here at Life Source!


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