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 (STEAM) Enrichment Program for All Scholars

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics (STEAM) empowers educators and students to dive into hands-on, fun STEAM projects. Young innovators will gain the confidence and skills they need to create, experiment and design creative projects using electronic parts. We are passionate about providing hands-on STEAM and making experiences for children. Our STEAM program will prepare our scholars to transfer skills into the 21st century career demands.

Real-World Connection

Our enhanced curriculum is different because we use real electronic components and craft supplies that students are familiar with rather than proprietary parts. This means that students use materials and supplies that real electricians and engineers use. Knowledge gained from our projects is easily transferable. Kids can take their creations home and re-work them with things you have around the house.

         STEAM programs and lessons begin at kindergarten. Our lessons have multiple entry points and are easy to scaffold to meet each student’s needs. Teachers differentiate and extend the lessons so that everyone has access to projects.

We believe the best way to learn STEAM is to provide repeated exposure to project-based learning processes. Students will be able to practice the skills and thinking required for STEAM subjects. Any misconceptions will be constantly put to the test.

Learning Outcomes by Activity

Paper Circuit                                                           Science/Engineering Design/Art

Learning Outcomes:

  Apply technology to make an electronic circuit on paper

  Draw a circuit and describe how it works

  Add circuits and creative design to a piece of writing or art

  Make observations about electricity in a circuit

Motorized Bot                                     Science/Robotic Tech/Engineering Design/Art

Learning Outcomes:

  Design, build, and test a motorized bot

  Use an iterative process to rethink and rebuild an electronic project

  Apply scientific ideas and work like scientists do

  Provide evidence that energy can be transferred

Zipline Spaceship                                  Science/Robotic Tech/Engineering Design/Art

Learning Outcomes:

  Work as a team to create an object that moves across a zipline

  Apply knowledge about circuits and motors to a new project

  Design, build, and test a project

  Demonstrate understanding of open and closed circuits

Game Show                                                            Science/Engineering Design/Art

Learning Outcomes:

  Plan and design a game show button console

  Participate in active learning and review

  Apply technology to creative art-making

  Create a novel electronic circuit

Coding                                                          Computer Tech/Engineering Design/Art

Learning Outcomes:

  Use computer hardware and software to design a project

  Create a game using coding skills

  Apply knowledge from a previous project to build something new

  Demonstrate understanding of basic coding concepts

Maker Showcase and Arcade                Science/Tech/Engineering Design/Art/Math

Learning Outcomes:

  Synthesize knowledge and produce a final project

  Plan, design and use a process to make creative tech

  Demonstrate appropriate safety procedures

  Use engineering processes to develop a project using the materials provided


STEAM + Coding Facilitator’s Guide

STEAM + Coding

The STEAM + Coding Program is designed for students in grades 3-8. With this program you can engage 12 students to participate in 6 integrated, cross-curricular creative electronics and coding activities. They will design and develop hands-on projects and complete challenges that encourage team building. This program will engage students to further explore the fields of computer science and engineering.