Ms. Katambwe

Title: Kindergarten Teacher
Room: 1
Curriculum: ELA / Soc.
Phone: (661) 579-2970

About myself: Hello everyone, I’m Mrs. Katambwe (that’s Ka-tum-bway) and this will be my third year teaching kindergarten English Language Arts and Social Studies at Life Source.  While I’ve taught upper grades in the past, kindergarten is my favorite as I get to teach my scholars important life skills early so hopefully it remains with them throughout their school years.

In total, I have about 10 years of teaching experience and have worked with a vast array of students such as those with special needs (ADHD, autism, Down’s Syndrome), at-risk, and English learners.  I’m very creative and always bring that into the classroom.  I find that when students are engaged, the more motivated they are to learn.

Mission stament: I like to have a very structured, yet positive classroom environment.  Students feel safe when they know what is expected of them, and know they are supported.  I try to be as positive and uplifting as possible and encourage my students as much as possible.  They need to know that it’s ok not to know all the answers or get everything right as long as they’ve tried their best.  In addition, I like to work with parents as a team to ensure their child’s success.