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October News Letter

Life Source International Charter School News Letter

New Drop Off and Pick-Up Procedures

Please Use the Cone Zone on Cider Street at the back of the school for Drop off and Pick-up.

If your scholars walks home, make sure you have a permission slip signed and given to the front office.  If you need to pick up your scholar at front gate, your scholar will wait for you inside of the gate next to the auditorium. Please use the west side of the street next to the school for their safety

New PE Standards

We have implemented new PE and recreational standards for our scholars. We have introduced Recreational Teachers instead of Duty Aides. Each block of scholars is assigned to a specific Recreational Teacher that will implement the PE program two days per week. The scholars are required to participate in the PE activity or they will receive demerits.

The Recreational Teacher is also responsible for coordinating the structured activity and monitoring their block of scholars on the other days.

No school can work well for children if parents and teachers do not act in partnership on behalf of our children’s best interests.  Dorothy H. Cohen

Therefore we want your assistance in informing your scholars of these policies…



As a school of community, we have the responsibility to promote peace and harmony within our campus. This policy is to promote an atmosphere and general conduct which discourages/limits the opportunities for Bullying and Harassment and promotes student/staff safety and security.



1. No scholar is to touch another scholar in a manner judged inappropriate by staff.

2. No student is to use any form of physical violence against other scholars, even in “fun” or as a “practical joke”.

3. Bullying or any other kinds of harassment tactics will not be tolerated in the form of physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual nature.

4. Life Source has developed school wide rules and sanctions against bullying.

5. These principles and/or guidelines will be exposed by the administration and staff at school

assemblies, in the classroom, and around the school.

Scholars observed inappropriately touching another scholar will be reprimanded for the

inappropriate behavior.

Uniform Policy

Please Remember That…

We are a Family, We are a Team

Life Source Uniform Policy helps us look the part.

Please visit the front office if you have any uniform needs.

Thank You and have a great month here at Life Source!


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